Thursday, February 7, 2008


Hi, my name is Tinah, I'm 22 years young, and I am going Fruitarian.

My influences towards the raw vegan lifestyle are Angela Stokes, Storm Talifero, Jinjee Talifero, Victoria Boutenko, Igor, Sergei, Valya Boutenko, Gabriel Cousens, Ann Wigmore and her sidekick Robert Smith, Shazzie, StarChristy, Dr. Doug Graham, and David Wolfe.

My influences towards the Fruitarian lifestyle are Richard Blackman, Kveta, Mango, Jules, FruitbatAnne, Suvine, Harmony and Neo.

I have only experienced 28 days straight of Raw Vegan, and only just under 3 weeks on the Fruitarian lifestyle.

These experiences showed me the way Nature intended it to be, without the complications I had come to think of as "normal," including slugglish bowels, body odor, a coated tongue, bad morning breath, scaly thick bumpy skin, pimples and blackheads, discharge, painful menstrual cramps with a heavy flow, food coma, headaches, irritability, inability to retain new information, a stuffy head, swollen puffy skin, joints that ache and grind with movement, and accelerated aging among the symptoms.

Who knew? Life does not have to be lived that way at all. I make the decision tonight to go 100% Fruitarian, along with greens for the transition. From the examples set by others, I estimate that greens would assist me in the transition for the first two years. This decision is serious, and my life is not going to be by any means "normal" in the view of society, but my previous attempts at going Raw Vegan have helped me to know myself and have prepared me for this major breakthrough.

To being a steward of Fruitarianism,


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