Friday, February 22, 2008

The Fasting State

Day 2 of Water Fast
I am currently transitioning into the Fasting state, which is expected to occur on or after the 3rd day. Fasting is not rough if I think about all the good work that is being done. I also think upon all those around the world who fast, not always by choice. There is a strength that shines through, even though the body is digesting itself. Then again, I am only on day 2.

"The Secret Life of Plants, pt. 3"
From my experience, I have witnessed that plants respond to my intentions. With my best intentions, I observed kamut grass grow with 100% yield and tall, green, beautiful grass blades. I was protective of this growing plant's wellbeing. I wanted to see each of the seeds thrive, with the best of care.

In experiments conducted by Masaru Emoto, author of The Hidden Message of Water, the effect words, songs, images, and intentions have on water were photographed. His experiments demonstrate that words, theorized to carry a vibration, create the structure of water in living things. I conducted the "Cooked Rice Experiment" and spoke onto the rice in Jar A with words of disdain, rejection, and repulsion. Jar A contained rice covered with yellow and green moldly spots, and a black cobweb-like growth. I spoke onto the rice in Jar B with words of appreciation, affirmation, and adoration. The rice in Jar B remained well-preserved, untainted, and free of mold. Behold, the power of words, and of thoughts.

What if life wasn't meant to be competition, but mutual respect, compassion, and love? What if life was created to be symmetrical and harmonious? What if we are all connected, to a degree, and sense each other's pain and joy?

I hope to reconnect with this.


I am feeling very blessed

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