Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More fruit

I will strive for more fruit and less or nothing of the rest.

Whether I put it at the forefront of my mind or not, it always makes a difference if I am including the non-good food. I feel best; fresh, on fruits and some lettuces. My body acts weirdly with the addition of non-good food in different measures. I think my 5 months in the making baby would like it a lot too. Besides, I really want to do this the proper way, eating a lot of fruits and not under-eating or having seasonings. Fruit is Awesome, no doubt about that! Can't beat it. ; )

Also, I am feeling well now! Yeah, my tummy has a bit of bulge but I can be active and exercise. I have energy! I did not feel this way in my first trimester, no sir-ree, not at all. I'm going to be doing something great with it.


Side news: My husband's riddles are being posted daily on The Washington Post for 30 days. If you like solving riddles, you can see his original ones here.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lovin' the fruity Summer days...

I'm not pure fruit lately but enjoying lots of it... and bowlfuls of the fresh tender greens!

I love my nephew. Can't see his cuteness in the clip. He is staying with us until the weekend when his parents come back from vacation.

He turned 1 in late June!

He didn't like wearing his traditional Korean outfit...

but he liked the football (or any round object he can throw/roll/bounce) and I think he liked the singing too!

I am tutoring quite a lot. My autistic student has his own blog he writes in with assistance in spelling and syntax from his tutors (me and another girl who work with him on different days).

I have one last summer class (a Biology course) I am now taking before I am finally done with my bachelor's degree in Psychology! I am not allowed to participate in dissections (so no lab for this week for me) since I am pregnant (5 months this Thursday, can you believe it?).

Our wedding photographer hasn't gotten back to us with the proofs yet. My cousin took and sent me some pictures.

Our flower girl. She was timid so her mom came and walked with her.

Happy Summer, love and care to all!