Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More fruit

I will strive for more fruit and less or nothing of the rest.

Whether I put it at the forefront of my mind or not, it always makes a difference if I am including the non-good food. I feel best; fresh, on fruits and some lettuces. My body acts weirdly with the addition of non-good food in different measures. I think my 5 months in the making baby would like it a lot too. Besides, I really want to do this the proper way, eating a lot of fruits and not under-eating or having seasonings. Fruit is Awesome, no doubt about that! Can't beat it. ; )

Also, I am feeling well now! Yeah, my tummy has a bit of bulge but I can be active and exercise. I have energy! I did not feel this way in my first trimester, no sir-ree, not at all. I'm going to be doing something great with it.


Side news: My husband's riddles are being posted daily on The Washington Post for 30 days. If you like solving riddles, you can see his original ones here.

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