Thursday, March 27, 2014


Dreams... they'll reflect what is going on in my subconscious, and for that I am grateful to have them to reflect upon. Mine told me I need to wake up to my consciousness.
To sense with my consciousness, to listen. To choose.
I see a way for me to do this. I have to just start off blocking off all the offenders in my body; the ones that skew my chemistry. Kind of like a recovering drug addict just cannot even consider setting on a path that allows drugs back in- there is no being okay with moderation "with a healthy mind". For me, the following are major offenders:
*Animal fats
*Fermented paste
*Hot peppers

What happens when I consume those? I can think my thoughts, but I can't feel the subtle beautiful tones in my life anymore. My quality of life diminishes. It's like feeling the hard self-inflicted emotions, but not picking up on the chords of Nature continually playing. It brings me back to an experience I recall. I was eating a raw vegan diet consistently for a few weeks, and I had strawberry ice cream sandwiches that evening. I'd felt pretty happy while eating it. However, the next day, I couldn't feel the magic anymore. It was a grim reality to face; it would take a few days to a week of continually eating raw to feel that again. Instead, I'd felt blocked up and my chakrahs were clogged.
In the morning I feel fresh; inspired; happiest. When I give myself the food, I feel my vibes go down a bit. My thought now is to keep choosing raw and fresh foods. See what happens. When I have felt good again before, I let myself have some cooked food to feel like I'm a little more normal. I think a little bit is okay now and then. However, I want to go all the way. Stay humble, awake, vigilant.
That's just a small quiet thought. However, I feel it everyday, and I want to make it a possibility that I can see and feel restoring the beauty in life.
I trust my senses.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bravely proceed

Been seeking to get life clean, to feel I'm at my best. Well, detox hit me intensely all at once. The sense of disgust at cooked, oily, proteinacious food is just plain undeniable. I was hit with a major headache, nausea, and fatigue. How? Well, my monthly cycle had resumed just last month and came upon me at the same time as my decision to cleanse, and gave it a boost. So do I proceed bravely or take a dip back into C-O-P foods again to slow the symptoms down? Well, I had a least decided I didn't want to go back during my intense detox moments, and after my nap with my sweet dear one year old son, I am feeling all better.
Why must I do this?
I know about it. I've known it to bring me to my best. It's always in my field of awareness. Now I'm bringing it to life. My life just plain won't be as fulfilling without it. I need this truth to flow from in my life.