Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bravely proceed

Been seeking to get life clean, to feel I'm at my best. Well, detox hit me intensely all at once. The sense of disgust at cooked, oily, proteinacious food is just plain undeniable. I was hit with a major headache, nausea, and fatigue. How? Well, my monthly cycle had resumed just last month and came upon me at the same time as my decision to cleanse, and gave it a boost. So do I proceed bravely or take a dip back into C-O-P foods again to slow the symptoms down? Well, I had a least decided I didn't want to go back during my intense detox moments, and after my nap with my sweet dear one year old son, I am feeling all better.
Why must I do this?
I know about it. I've known it to bring me to my best. It's always in my field of awareness. Now I'm bringing it to life. My life just plain won't be as fulfilling without it. I need this truth to flow from in my life.

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