Monday, March 17, 2008

Just talking

I am coming clean.

I had a great weekend. I came back and was ecstatic. I wanted experiences. I went for the unconducive ones, you know, foods that I was letting go of.

Well, I did have an enjoyable conversation about food for a long time, sharing. My friend was curious, and interested. He was finding common ground, asking about fruit and about which ones he tried and liked, and how he eats them. He told me about prosciutto wrapped around melon, and I was baffled. They are opposites on the digestive spectrum! It was fun to hear about all the kinds of foods he tried and of his adventures. I appreciated the conversation.

Well, I came back from the trip with my sis and bro-in-law and had conversations with them as well. I admired how they also are health-minded and worked out together. I also liked how my bro-in-law chews his food very well. They had funny stories: My sister left the car while her hubby had his cheek pouch full of a bite of food, and she went in and ate her burrito quickly and came back to the car, and his cheek was still full of the same bite. lol.

That next day I was ready for adventures of my own. I did not go for the smart ones. I went and got a unique tailored-to-me dish at a restaurant with lots of fresh veggies and noodles. They gave me such a great price and were super generous with the portions, with extras! I was very high with happy thoughts. I just channeled it in a way that I would not be interested in keeping up. I had more items of foods later. That evening, I felt the acids of the foods, and recognized this activity was sending me back to where I came from, and it was unpleasant to be toxic. I went more into this way of eating, and then I felt the folly of it all. I was glad, so that I can come to the track of what it is I want.

Today I have been having fresh fruit. Tomorrow my plan is to go to a beach, and to have a fasting session. I have all week. My cousins are coming over today, and I want to be there for this event, and then I'm leaving tomorrow. I am bringing Arnold Ehret's Rational Fasting, a couple items of clothing, shampoo (I'm still on this for now), and water. I like being on water, so as to appreciate everything I have been given, to feel the work taking place in my body. I do trust the long-term fruitarians who share the insight that water is not for human consumption. It does make sense, that rain returns to the soil for plants, and fruit is just right for humans. It is only because I rebelled that I want to go back the way I came into it, with a self-purification via fasting, and drinking water so that I can rest from food for longer. I am grateful.

Peace and love,


Sarah said...

That is fantastic about your push-ups! (Where's the clapping smiley when you need it) :)

Thank you for candidly sharing your experiences of the weekend. We can certainly learn from everything we go through. Keep me updated.

(((hugs))) to you!

Anonymous said...

I go through phases, I love water, then hate it love it hate it..