Tuesday, March 4, 2008

After Fast

I have been replenishing since my 10 day Water Fast and I am stronger now.

Some of my observations:

After Fast:
- skin got clearer
- loosed 12 more lbs
- teeth whitened (and got stronger, too)
- nose got smaller (bottom part)

However, I did take a step back from working out in the few days since the end of the fast. I must pick that up again, and improve on it. My goal is to be able to complete 40 push-ups by the end of this month.

My Current Personal Bests in Fitness:
*4 mins 5 seconds on "the plank"
*4 mins 5 seconds on wall sit
*100 cobras
*125 squats
*110 push-ups on the knees
*150 sit-ups
*187 lying leg-lifts

I will also see to setting up an Appointment this week, to get started with Tae Kwon Do classes.

I also have been adding hot peppers to my diet, which I do not want to keep up, because it overstimulates me.

Towards Improvement!

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