Thursday, March 13, 2008

dun... dUN... DUN!

Note: this [post] will be deleted unless further notice shows that it might be something I want to look at and could be looked at as something to learn from... yeah

3 days

of having stuff that made me swell up. wow I was puffed up like a balloon. I sucked that water in and held onto it. I was tired at night, real tired. It was harder to wake up. That's salt, that's compromised stuff I had that was not good for the jolly life force that was shining forth, but that was interesting to have with a group of people for enjoyment. It would have been fine if I had been having that all along, but I hadn't, and so I look at me--- whoa!
Here's the sequence: salty papaya salad -> avocado wraps and salty soup -> salty oily stuff and lettuce wraps and salty soup
I took a picture to remind myself what salt does! I'm a balloon for all eyes to see! Hello Miss Balloon! Wait! Give me a week, I'm sure I'm not really supposed to be a balloon!
God made me beautiful. Wait and see! I'm returning to the way heaven designed me to be.
I'm going to just keep to water, my best companion for my body for the next so and so days. I'm also looking to keep exercising. I've got so many reserves I wouldn't need otherwise. Plus, I'm on Spring break for the next week!
I can do this! Going back to fruit, the smart thing! Wisdom in Nature.
I think I am going to be out of town in the next 3 days (Think: Nature, activity, water), so I'll be back later.

Some more Symptoms:
-stuffy nose
-thickening mucus
-yellowing/translucent teeth
-more tired going up the stairs
-heart pumping at an accelerated rate
-a rash, to the left of my xiphoid process

Fruit and fasting is something one definitely has to experience for one's self. This is clearly for my own good. I'm resuming a fast I've been looking forward to. It keeps me awake. Fruit is for me~ the organic tangerines I had today were so good, juicy and fulfilling. They reminded me that fruit is what I want. Gladly going back to the fruity lifestyle after this fast! Thank heavens!

I felt great on fruit! Friday, March 7th


Sarah said...

I'm sorry you feel bad, Tinah! (((hugs))) You are a wise person and I can tell you really listen to your body. Here's to fruit and health!

fruit4tinah said...

Thank you, Sarah! To fruit and health! : )