Thursday, October 15, 2009

Eating fruits

I'm glad to have read that Jericho Sunfire eats fruits and drinks of their juice!

Post on JS's stay over 60 days (comments section).

Was pondering about this one for a while. Yeah, I had a coworker who would make all sorts of preposterous claims, like how he was 100 years old. I used to get angry at him, but I learned that it was his vata-like personality, and I ended up appreciating his imaginative nature, as long as he let me know the truth. Well, it's good to know. One thing he taught me was that people do like to fabricate their stories and fascinate others by giving false accounts! Yes, people do this.

Just seeing how Olivia wasted away to having almost no fat by the end of her third water fast, I had a better picture of how long a person can last without food.

I wonder about Barbara Moore, who was supposed to have not been able to eat food after transitioning from raw vegan food to greens and juices and eventually lemon juice in water. When looking at her picture, she looks very robust and thick. The report and her picture don't seem to go together.

The same goes for the report of Therese Neumann. She looks bloated. I read that she looked young, but she doesn't. She was supposed to have eaten a tiny wafer once a day.

There is also Giri Bala but she also looks like one who eats.

This man scares me a little. I do not aspire to look like him. His name is Prahlad Jani. He looks most like a person who has gotten used to not eating. He says there is a hole in his upper palate through which nectar is fed to him. I'm scared that's cerebrospinal fluid. He is very tiny. He went under constant surveillance for 10 days without drinking any water- only rinsing his mouth and bathing.

Well, that's just taking this all into view. I'm on my first day of fasting and I'm glad I'm getting to experience this. I'm going through extra cleansing this first day since I'm at *that time of the month* and going through this method of elimination early on. I'm looking forward to seeing how I do. Hopefully I'll do well and will be able to continue.

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