Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My True Experience

My experiences have been crude as of late. Been hard to see the truth in all. My mind has been abrasive. I've been through better experiences. One thing that always remains pure and true though is my love for my precious daughter I love with all my heart. I know my husband's love for me is true too. : )

I want to seek to be better. To have one high level of consciousness I stay true to, I heed to. I want it to always be there. I want to exude what it is so people can be in contact with it. It's what we all want to know is there. I want to feel the distinction between doubt and the knowing in it that is not revealed to the mind. I want to feel when people speak words and to recognize those limits. I want to be utterly free of the bonds of my mind. 

Are we more light or body? Are we the know-er or the known? I am not the known, the body. It breathes me. Sometimes I go for long lengths of time thinking I am the body. I am so connected to it though. It is a part of the known that I am able to experience. 

This freedom... I'd like to speak it everyday. 

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Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Tinah,
not sure if you have heard, but I have finally finished the book I began writing in 2000.. it's very much an ethically centred fruitarian book, and I'm so glad to announce it is finally done and published..

I hope you are still doing well on your own spiritual path!
warm regards,