Sunday, May 2, 2010

My hubby-to-be and I questing

My hubby-to-be and I are going raw vegan, but mostly fruitarian. He gave a comprehensive review of each recipe we made on his site.

I made him Ani Phyo's almond mylk cereal with bananas instead of the Smart Monkey bar, and we made some salsa with added mushrooms and chives together.

Also had cantaloupe, Ataulfo mangoes, honey tangerines, green grapes, dates and walnuts (I only had one). I felt so good and happy after my raw day. I was also happy we got him full. We're going to be making more of Ani Phyo's recipes, like the Dolmas and Spanish Scramble, since it helps with satiation. We're having those recipes without the salt, however. We'll see how it goes this way.

As an off-topic note, here are our wedding invitations. I wanted to have an Enchanted Forest theme to our wedding but we shall see.


ani_phyo said...

thank you for the post and for enjoying my recipe. i'm happy your were able to adapt it to suit your needs, and since my SMF bars are not avail right now. i have many more recipes and videos on my website at: my latest book “Ani’s Raw Food Essentials” goes on sale in the USA June 1st. It’s my biggest book yet, hard cover, with over 250 recipes. printed in 2 color with gorgeous color food photo inserts, it’s priced under $28, rather than over $45. my recipes continue to get simpler and faster to make. I hope you’ll check it out and enjoy it. thanks again for the post.

tinah said...

thanks for your comment.

Ani is one of the most convincing towards a raw vegan lifestyle, she is very vibrant and beautiful. Whenever I've shared her recipes they've always been well received.

My fiance wants to try the Mediterranean dolmas soon. I'll let him know about the book!